Sound Choice SC-360: Older Versions

1994-2001 photo of 12 L E D radial emitter 1994-2001

The original SC-360 had 12 LED's arrayed around a circular disc made of sectioned acrylic tubing. The first models had chome plated mounting rings for each LED. Later devices had black plastic mountings.

The earliest units shipped with flexible gooseneck RCA-BNC adaptors. After the first 50 units, as requested by customers, shorter RCA-BNC adaptors as seen in the foreground of the picture above were used instead.

12 LED SC-360s should only be used on the transmitters that they were shipped with. Later transmitters have higher current outputs to light the extra LEDs on the 18 LED versions of the SC-360. Attaching a 12 LED SC-360 to a later unit will damage or destroy it.

(Attaching an 18 LED SC-360 from 2001 or later to an older transmitter will not harm the emitter disc, though it will not operate at its full efficiency).

photo of SC-360 with 12 LED emitter

photo of SC-186K with gooseneck extended SC-360/12

SC-360 18 LED version 2001-2004

In 2001 a new version of the SC-360 was introduced. The number of LEDs was increased from 12 to 18. The enclosure was a black thermoplastic molded disc with CNC drilled holes around the circumference.

All of these were shipped with black LED mounting collars and except for a few special orders, all were shipped with the short RCA-BNC adaptors.

SC-186K with SC-360/18 drilled