Architectural and Engineering Specifications

Sound Choice Assistive Listening, Inc. model SC-MEB
(Microphone and Emitter Box)

The device shall provide a combined auxiliary microphone and infrared emitter array for use in conjunction with the Sound Choice model SC-186Kx2 transmitter.

The microphone shall be an electret condenser microphone of the boundary effect type also commonly known as a pressure zone microphone capable of unidirectional pickup. The device shall contain such circuitry as necessary to provide the required phantom power and signal preparation for connecting to the SC-186Kx2 transmitter’s microphone preamplifier. The SC-MEB microphone will operate in conjunction with the SC-186Kx2 internal microphone providing a second audio pickup point.

The auxiliary infrared emitters shall be contained within the SC-MEB enclosure. The SC-MEB emitters shall operate at the same carrier frequencies and 880 nanometer optical frequency as that of the SC-186Kx2 primary onboard emitters. The auxiliary emitters shall provide infrared infill signal in areas which may be missed or blocked from the SC-186Kx2 primary beams. All necessary driver circuitry for the emitters shall be provided inside of the SC-MEB enclosure.

The SC-MEB enclosure shall be constructed of an infrared transmissive plastic material which will permit the internal infrared light emitting diodes to transmit through the enclosure walls. The enclosure shall have the boundary microphone mounted on its top surface. The enclosure shall have nonskid feet on the bottom. The enclosure shall measure 4 3/8" long x 2 1/2" deep x 1 5/8" high.

The SC-MEB shall be connected to the SC-186Kx2 via a single 6 foot (approximately 2 meter) cable. The cable shall be capable of carrying the microphone audio signals, the LED emitter driver signals and all necessary power and ground connections. The cable shall connect to the SC-186Kx2 transmitter panel via a multipin connector.

The Sound Choice Model SC-MEB Microphone and Emitter Box is specified.

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