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closeup photo of SC-360 

Sound Choice offers an optional SC-360 Circular Emitter Disk which transmits infrared light in a radial 360° pattern to cover courtrooms, conference tables and hearings where the participants are seated facing each other. The Emitter Disk is mounted on a 2 inch adaptor stalk. The SC-360 Circular Emitter Disk will transmit within a 20 to 25 foot radius filling in areas of the room where the powerful main infrared beam is not directed. Even when the optional SC-360 Circular Emitter Disk is attached, the main beam of the SC-186K continues to transmit at full power as well.

The SC-360 Circular Emitter Disk measures 3 inches in diameter and 3/4 inches in height. An RCA jack on the underside provides mechanical and electrical connection via the adaptor to the BNC connector on the model SC-186K top plate. The SC-360 is constructed of dark, ruby red thermoplastic acrylic which is transparent at infrared optical frequencies. Eighteen 880nm infrared LEDs and their associated circuit board are completely enclosed inside the dome.

graphic of I R transmission patterns with and without SC-360 attached

photo of SC-186k with SC-360 radial emitter attached

click here for information about earlier versions of the SC-360

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