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 photo of SC-MEB aux. microphone and emitter array box with cable


The SC-MEB is a self-contained, dual-function auxiliary accessory device intended for use with the Sound Choice SC-186Kx2. The SC-MEB combines a Sound Choice special design boundary effect microphone, identical to the one onboard the SC-186Kx2, with an infrared emitter array in a single device. The infrared emitter operates in conjunction with the main emitter array on the SC-186Kx2, adding infrared optical power and when properly positioned, filling in possible gaps in optical coverage from the main system’s emitter array.

The SC-MEB is connected to the main transmitter by a six foot cable which has all of the necessary connections for both functions. It connects to the “slave” mini DIN jack on the back panel of the main emitter.

The SC-MEB enclosure is constructed of high-impact translucent dark red, infrared transmissive plastic. The microphone element is mounted on the top plate. The infrared LED emitter array is enclosed inside the box which protects the internal circuitry, but allows the infrared light to be freely transmitted through the enclosure’s walls. The enclosure has nonskid protective bumpers on the bottom surface.

All associated support circuitry is contained within the SC-MEB enclosure. Power is supplied from the main transmitter via the connecting cable. No separate power supply transformer or batteries is required.


  • Self-contained microphone and emitter combination
  • Easy one-plug setup - no controls to set.
  • 6 foot connecting cable with mini DIN plug.
  • Small size: 4 3/8" long x 2 1/2" deep x 1 5/8" high; lightweight.
  • Nonskid protective bumpers on the bottom surface.
  • Sound Choice Special Design omnidirectional electret condenser boundary effect microphone - the best microphone technologies available for wide-area sound pickup.
  • Internal microphone support circuitry.
  • High-impact translucent dark red, infrared transmissive plastic enclosure.
  • Highly efficient wide-area infrared LED emitter array.
  • Internal driver circuit for LED emitter array.
  • Can be used with all standard infrared transmitting frequencies.
  • No external power required (powered from main transmitter).


  • Microphone: Sound Choice Special Design boundary effect electret condenser microphone
  • 6 ft. connecting cable with attached miniDIN connector
  • Infrared transmission: 880 nm, IEC 764 Standard
  • Dimensions: 4 3/8" long x 2 1/2" deep x 1 5/8" high


Please click for the architectural and technical engineering bid specifications: html or .pdf format

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